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Autonomous-driving Porter Robot

- Autonomous-driving capability allows baggage to be carried and stored at designated times and locations

- Obstacle avoidance capability with dynamic obstacle detection

- Deploy in travel terminals (airport, bus), shopping malls, warehouses, department stores, hotels, etc.



Autonomous Driving & Baggage Delivery

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) drives to the designated destination with baggage.

Intelligent Surveillance

Control various robots: Scheduling, self charging, and dispatch management

Facility Guide

Provide information and escort service to facilities such as restroom, stores, information desk, etc.

Delivery Robot


at Incheon International Airport

Wonik Robotics' delivery robot 'AirPorter' is now in service at Incheon International Airport.

This robot provides visitors a baggage-less travel experience. AirPorter also provides information and escort service to various facilities in the airport.

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