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노란색 계단



Autonomous-driving Security/Patrol Robot

-Security and safety services

  in buildings, warehouses, and factories

- Remote controllable CCTV, building patrol,

  and security functions

-AI system detects abnormal situations




Security & Patrol

RFID/NFC Access Management

Lock/Unlock Condition Detection

Dislocated Equipment Detection

Access control at night

Follow / Escort

Abnormal Noise Detection

Facility Management

Fire Detection

Hazard Detection

Facilities Recognition

Obstacle Detection

Temperature & Humidity Measurement

Air Quality Sensing

& Purification (3rd Party)

*Customization is available on requests


at Incheon International Airport

Security & quarantine robot SeRo has been in service at Incheon International Airport since 23rd DEC 2020.


This robot checks visitors' temperature and mask-wearing status. In case of an abnormal reading, the robot alerts and sends data to the control center, then informs visitors of the necessary procedures.

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