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ADDY_Image (2).png


Information & Reception Robot

with 4-sided Displays

- Commercial Buildings: Shopping Mall, Convention Center, etc.

- Large Buildings: Office, Hotel, Community Center, etc.

- Public Facilities: Airport, Terminal, Train Station, etc.

Advertisement Display Robot


Simple Design

Addy’s functions are easy to understand .


Easy Service

Head: Easy to communicate with HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) tech.

Body: Easy to deliver information with Addy’s 4-sided displays.

Base: Encounter more customers through autonomous-driving.

이미지 제공: Greyson Joralemon

Fun Experience

HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) tech provides a unique experience.
Users enjoy photo and navigation functionality.
Multiple Addy performance.

ADDY_Image (4).png

Addy Functions

ADDY new accessory_2.jpg
  • Autonomous-driving

  • Vision Based Human & Object Recognition

  • Speech Recognition (Multi-language Support)

  • Autonomous Battery Charging

  • Entertainment (Photo Shoot Service)

Images & Videos

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