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Machine Tending

Industrial robots, cooperative robots, RGV, AMR, and End-effector are designed to suit the manufacturing

site to derive optimal machine tending efficiency and support operation within the manufacturing facility.

Machine Tending

Autonomous loading/unloading operation systems


The ultimate solution for efficient production

Flexible, scalable machine-tending systems seamlessly integrate with existing tasks to increase efficiency and optimize operations.

Innovative machine-tending capabilities that increase operational optimization and accuracy

Automate machine tool loads/unloads such as CNC lathes, machine centers, injection molding, press brakes, and stamping presses to meet manufacturing facility requirements to increase production efficiency and quantify production capacity.


Degree of Precision, Inter Lock,
Tact Time 

With advanced sensors and algorithms, our machine tending systems can quickly and accurately complete repetitive tasks, reducing the risk of errors and maximizing output.

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Experience the power of automated machine-tending with innovative solutions

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