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Robot Hand

Allegro Hand is the perfect platform for operational research,

with 4 fingers and 16 independent current control joints.

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Allegro Hand is a Cost-effective

and highly adaptive robotic hand.

With four fingers and sixteen independent current-controlled joints, it's the perfect platform for grasp and manipulation research.

Model. Allegro Hand v.4

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Product Features

  • Light weight and portable anthropomorphic design

  • Cost-effective dexterous manipulation with applications in research and industry

  • Multiple ready-to-use grasping algorithms capable of handling a variety of object geometries

  • Capable of holding up to 5kg

  • 16 (4 fingers x 4 DOF ea.) independent joints

  • Each joint gets current command

  • Support for real-time control

Product Spec

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Allegro Hand Website

Please visit out Allegro Hand Users' Wiki to share successes and solutions.

Here you will find tutorials, documentation and a user forum

to get you started and quickly developing your own software for the Allegro Hand.

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Cooperation with clients world wide

Allegro Hand have worked with various research institutes and corporations.



Research Activities Using Allegro Hand

A case of study by attaching a Tactile sensor to an Allegro hand.​​

  • Teaching robots to perceive, understand, and interact through touch

  • Gelsight Company Developing Tactile Sensors Attached to Allegro Hand.

Why Facebook (Or Meta) Is Making Tactile Sensors for Robots_1.png

Forture - Skunkworks: Inside the Innovation Labs of 3 Fortune 500 Companies 


Wonik Robotics' Allegro Hand is based on licensed technology developed by the Humanoid Robot Hand research group at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH).

Images & Videos


Cylinder grasping


Free grasping

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