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About Us

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Starting with the development and supply of autonomous driving robots (AMR), Wonik Robotics designs/develops and provides various solutions based on the logistics automation needs of various manufacturing sites.

With logistics automation design/engineering as a core competency, we provide a variety of logistics automation solutions required for manufacturing sites, such as logistics automation for the secondary battery chemical process, CNC lathe machine tending, and process simulation using digital twin technology.

With a deep understanding of the latest automation and robotics technologies, we provide our customers with solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency. 

Against the backdrop of fairness and transparency, we will realize a trusted company where customers, companies and employees share the path of prosperity.


Wonik’s Core Values



Means thinking beyond fixed ideas or customs and having creative ways to do things on your own with responsibility.

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Means understanding others with sincerity, and sharing experience, knowledge, and information with one another based on rational expressions so that everyone can move to the same direction.

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Means, based on trust, all members of Wonik family create happy workplace and feel rewarded and achieved through work

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