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Secondary Battery

Commercialization is underway that enables professional consulting and design organization operation

throughout the secondary battery manufacturing line, which is the next-generation battery technology.

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Stacker Crane

Stacker Crane is an automated storage and retrieval machine in high-bay warehouses.

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It enables vertical stacking of the components, optimizing floor space and facilitating easy access during the manufacturing process.

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It facilitates the continuous flow of components, enabling efficient material handling, assembly, testing, or packaging operations.

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NG Sorter

It helps to ensure that only acceptable and compliant products move forward in the production process.

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It provides information about the state of charge, voltage stability, and the internal resistance, helping to assess its performance and health.

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Tray Cleaner

It helps maintain cleanliness, prevent cross-contamination, and ensure the integrity of the battery components during transportation and storage.

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