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노란색 계단



Autonomous-driving Disinfection Robot

- 24/7, fully unmanned disinfection with autonomous-driving technology

- Disinfects floors and air with 222nm UVC, harmless to humans

- Floor Disinfection & Air purification during day and night

Disinfection Robot



& Air Purification

Air Purification & Disinfection

Floor Disinfection

Harmless 222nm UVC

24/7 Seamless Disinfection

Fully Autonomous Driving

Self Scheduling & Charging

Disinfection Robot

at Incheon International Airport

Our disinfection robot has been in service at Incheon International Airport since 23rd DEC 2020.

Since the airport is always crowded with international travelers from all around the world, it is very important to frequently disinfect all areas. This disinfection robot enables Incheon International Airport to maintain its safety.

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